Mediation is a confidential and discrete process that allows you to explore a variety of options for resolution that best fit the unique attributes of your family. It is possible to mediate all issues in a family dispute, or to mediate individual issues. The flexibility of the approach allows for creative solutions, and for participants to determine their own outcome.

Mediation is often a quicker, more amicable, and cost-effective alternative to the litigation process. It is appropriate for willing parties who wish to explore mutually beneficial outcomes and hope to avoid litigation.

Our firm offers family law mediation services, where one of our certified mediators will act as a neutral third party to help you and your former partner reach an agreement. Angela E. Dunn and Jasmeet K. Wahid are qualified mediators, and certified by the Law Society of British Columbia.

Our mediators will facilitate mediations where individuals attend with or without legal counsel, and will travel to other communities to facilitate mediations when this is the best option for the participants and no local mediator is available. Where no other option is available, mediations may also be conducted remotely by video conferencing.

In all cases, participants in a mediation process should seek independent legal advice and counsel. The role of the mediator is not to provide legal advice, although legal information may be provided. However, as experienced litigation counsel, our mediators are able to provide insight and perspective on likely outcomes in the event a matter proceeded to litigation.

Our firm provides mediation services by:

Anne Demeulemeester
Angela E. Dunn
Jasmeet K. Wahid

If you are interested in exploring mediation, please contact:

Anne Demeulemeester, or her assistant, Alyssa Enos at

Angela E. Dunn, or her assistant, Carol Kummer at

Jasmeet K. Wahid, or her assistant, Kim Shelkie at

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