If you are planning to cohabit or marry, we are skilled and experienced at drafting cohabitation agreements and marriage agreements (sometimes called “pre-nuptial” agreements). These domestic contracts govern the division of family property and family debt in the event of a future separation, and are designed to protect and preserve family assets.

If your relationship is ending, we use our expertise to craft detailed separation agreements that address the division of family property and family debt, spousal support and child support, parenting arrangements, and all other matters arising from the breakdown of the relationship.

Our firm provides family law agreement services through each of our lawyers:

Paul M. Daykin, K.C.
Eli C. Walker
Annie C. Kaderly
Anne Demeulemeester
Angela E. Dunn
Jasmeet K. Wahid
Brandon St. Pierre
Ana Mihajlović
Chelsea R. Szafranski
Sydney A. Snape

If you are interested in our family law agreement services, please contact us for more information.

Our capable and experienced lawyers are dedicated to providing premium legal services tailored to your particular needs.